Frequently Asked Questions

Why HePays?
HePays is a dating website with classifieds & matchmaking founded by Daniel Eder. With HePays members set a $ minimum. The minimum ensures that no one can contact you unless they have a certain amount of credits on their account. This idea came to Daniel Eder when he found that most interesting women or hot women close their accounts on other dating websites & apps because they receive too many messages or messages from men who are not serious. So whenever you feel you are not receiving great messages increase your minimum.

Who is the site for?
Its basically for everyone who wants a date with someone or who is looking for someone rich.

Is it free or paid?
Its both. you decide which type of dating is better for you. When you set the minimum to $0 everyone can write you but be aware that it might get you messages that you don't really want. The point of HePays is to limit those messages to those who have a certain amount loaded on their account.

How does the voting system work?
When you downvote someone they get -1 point. When you try to upvote someone they get as many points for how many weeks you have been with HePays
That means if they have been member for 3 weeks you get 3 points

What do i get when i add credits?
Everybody can see you are a premium member, you are listed first and you can write much more people then if you didn't buy the membership.
If your credits is above a persons minimum you can write them. Loading up a load makes you stand out so much that you get many messages. Load Now

With credits you buy you also support HePays to develop more features

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